Area Guide - Bungotakada Course ②<T-2>

Kozan-ji Temple ~ Iwawaki-ji Temple ~ Hirabaru Kanamasa no Sato ~ Fuki-ji Temple ~ Senhoushisen Entrance ~ Yama-jinja Shrine ~ Umi-jinja Shrine ~ Nameshi Dam

From the start of the course at Kozan-ji Temple, you can enjoy mountain views of the Kunisaki peninsula. From the carpark head down towards the north. In the middle there will be the natural path from Iwawaki-ji Temple, from here cross Route 34, cross the Hinotsuru-hashi Bridge and pass Shitta until you reach Fuki-ji Temple. There are restaurants and a rest station near the National Treasure that is Fuki-ji Temple. From Route 655, head to the Kouchi and Senhoushisen entrances.C125. Make your way through the oak trees and shiitake mushroom fields of Yama-jinja Shrine towards Umi-jinja Shrine, on your way to the goal of Nameshi dam.

Points of Interest

真玉温泉 スパランド真玉

Kozan-ji Temple

The mountain temple of Rokugo Manzan sits at a height of 571m on Mt. Saiei. It is called 'Takayama' by locals. According to the book 'Bungo Kokushi', there used to be large temples. There is a sign of "Kozan-ji Temple ruins" around 350m of Mt.Saiei where they found the old pots and dishes.


Fuki-ji Temple

The old temple of Tendaishu is famous for its Amida Buddha statue. The National Treasure that is Fuki-ji Temple, is the oldest functioning wooden structure in the entire Kyushu region. During the autumn season, gingko leaves will fill the temple precinct.