The Rokugo Manzan Mineiri-gyo trail is the path which has been used for mountaineering ascetic training (spiritual enlightenment through mountain training) on the Kunisaki peninsula. The course is designed with the addition of a mountain trails and promenade paths that allows hikers to enjoy both trekking and walking.

This area is certified as a World Agricultural Heritage area where people can both enjoy the rich nature and can also see the traditional agricultural lifestyle and scenery while reflecting on the wisdom of the area's ancestors.

Also, the Usa-Kunisaki peninsula is the birthplace of the syncretism (dual acceptance) of Shintoism and Buddhism .

There are many stone-type cultural properties and unknown wild buddhas located along this trek as this area is known as the 'Village of Mihotoke (Buddha)’.

Walking in the original Japanese landscape will allow you to 'connect your soul to an authentic Japanese experience'.


Kunisakihantou Minemichi Trail Club

Kunisaki City Cycling Terminal 1-2662 Kunisakimachiohara, Kunisaki City, 873-0511