Area Guide - Bungotakada Course ①<T-1>

Kumano Magaibutsu ~ Maki Odo ~ Asahi-Yuhi Kannon ~ Tashibu no Shou ~ Utsugi touge-ike Pond ~ Kozan-ji Temple

The Kunisakihantou Minemichi Long-Trial - The start of a 'spiritual walking experience'. After praying for a safe and successful trek at the starting point of Kumano Magaibutsu, head north to Maki Odo along Route 655. After Maki Odo, pass through Kodai Park towards Tashibu no Shou. On the way there is a beautiful view of 'Tashibu no Shou' from the rocky mountain of Asahi-Yuhi Kannon (sunrise-sunset Kannon). After enjoying the nostalgic rice field landscape, head to Mt. Saiei via the Utsugi area. The end of the course will be Kouzan-ji Temple.

Points of Interest

真玉温泉 スパランド真玉

Kumano Magaibutsu

Built around the 10th-11th century, this is one of the famous sculpted stones within Oita prefecture and has been designated as a National Important Cultural Property and a National Historic Site. The biggest in Japan, the 8m tall statue of Acala (Fudo Myoo) on the left and 6.8m tall Vairocana (Dainichi Nyorai) on the right were carved to show how strong the faith in their religion was in those days. You can feel the mercy from the expressions of their faces.


Maki Odo

Maki Odo is one of the halls of Denjo-ji Temple. There are 9 statues of Buddha, including one of the largest existing in Japan, that of Yamataka (Daiitoku Myoo). The hall of Maki Odo burned down 700 years ago but all the statues were saved and have been preserved.